Wednesday, June 25, 2014

been pretty absent online lately, which I'm personally loving. writing it all down when I can, and when I can't remembering I'm loving this world and soaking it in and packing my days with loved ones and great moments - and it's ok to be tired and busy, there will be time to rest at some point.

just finished Shauna Niequist's 3rd book "bread & wine" and I know that seems to be all I've blogged about the past few months, but really her books have given me such a new inspiration and I guess I just feel I connect with her words on so many levels. she ended this story with these words and I was again left in awe:

"I want you to gobble life up in huge bites, tasting everything, trying every new flavor, remembering every smell and texture like its the best thing you've ever had. I want you to live with wild and gorgeous abandon, throwing yourself into each day, telling the truth about who you are and who you are not, writing a love song to the world itself and to the God who made every inch of it."

I want to write my love song...

Sunday, April 27, 2014

black and white sunday. beautiful, peaceful, fun...

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

its been an interesting, emotional week for this girl. not really sure why, or really just don't want to get too personal on what i sometimes consider my online journal (i have a real one too - which i believe is good for the soul)... anyway wanted to share about the message i heard in church this week. we've been in a series about John and as we approach Easter we are nearing the end of the gospel that i have thoroughly enjoyed hearing about. this week was John 13:1-38, in which Christ first reminds us that he will love us to the end, then goes on to show just what this love means by washing the feet of disciples and then ends by commanding us to go out and love the way he has loved us. this passage sort of slapped me in the face, first with the consistent ability to overwhelm me by the unbelievable power of God's grace - that he has loved me from the beginning and will love me til the end, no matter what - a love that we will never experience in this world. and also that the love we sometimes get caught up in, or picture, or watch in the movies is mostly so off. that love is a choice and Jesus chose to love us, he chose to die for us when he could have easily chosen to have power over us - i mean he is God and he humbles himself to show he is a servant King not a power hungry king. how do i not realize this everyday? how can i not take this kind of love and forgiveness and give to everyone i know and don't know throughout my day? as the days til Easter lessen, i hope to dig deep and find this passion i was slapped in the face with on sunday and use it to lead my life in a way that is more Christ-like, more humble, more generous and definitely full of more love.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Sunday, March 9, 2014

a few personal pics... trolley pubbed it yesterday for my birthday celebration. it was absolutely gorgeous, could not have asked for a more perfect day or a more fun group of friends! so thankful for all of the awesome people i have in my life.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

"inclusion, not exclusion

connection and solidarity rather than rank and hierarchy.

touch rather than distance.

compassion rather than control.

he comes on a donkey, not a horse.

weeping and broken, not proud and triumphant."

-rob bell (sex God)
"she  knows who she is.
she just forgot for a little while." 
-donald miller

(been there before)